Twenty two images in the archive show work over the past two decades, in oil and in acrylic. Thought of as allegorical, yet, the stories remain unwritten; the scenes are simple fantasies: some dark, some more conventional, some evocative, and others, pre-verbal. The patron is invited to invent the story.

hotsprings_small.jpg cartoonboy_small.jpg shell_small.jpg manbywell_small.jpg distantman_small.jpg abstractcascade_small.jpg
serpentglyph_small.jpg spiral_small.jpg fragile_small.jpg turning_small.jpg boyscoutonthestyx_small.jpg succubus_small.jpg
alien_small.jpg nicklacey_small.jpg messengergirl2_small.jpg blossom_small.jpg goldfinch_small.jpg rhinoceros_small.jpg
anticipation_small.jpg premonition_small.jpg bucolicscene_small.jpg halfmoonman_small.jpg

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