example graphic Clive Beal was born in 1960 in a small American town, on the East Coast where his early life and education were strongly influenced by the fundamental cultural and political changes in the United States in the 1960s and through the 1970s. He completed his education in Victoria, British Columbia where he studied liberal and fine arts. To earn a living, he studied machine technology, then spent many years servicing office machines.

More recently, Clive's focus has returned to the arts. In 2005, he became a founding member of the Pandora Arts Collective. Subsequently, he became proprietor of the little fernwood gallery. Now, he enjoys occasional adventures into the Victoria region to engage directly in landscape, painting en plein air, with a friend.

Writing stories and poems, Clive tries to express new ideas with a uniquely personal approach, exploring modern issues where psychosis meets science, and where potentials, light and dark, are examined. In the post modern world, we can develop the new as we observe the past keenly. Ultimately, however, we are all being swept along in this progress and there is no one in control, except insofar as we each can do.

In music, the challenge is to channel that flow of the creative, and then articulate it with rhythm, melody, counterpoint and the random to produce something both complexly mathematical, yet also with a narrative telling a story.

“Quest of the Water Time” is a book of poems, published in 2011. Spanning 40 years of work, the poems are sometimes playful, or a song lyric, or engaged with landscape, or even prophetic. Six images are included.
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