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example graphic Clive was writing very young. In grade school there was a spoof about Washington crossing the Delaware. In high school, there were exercises in story, critique, even philosophy. Journal writing has been important as an adult. There was also Creative Writing 101 at U Vic.

          At the turn of the millennium, Clive was a regular patron at a local open mic where he practiced at poetry and story. Themes of nature, or political satire told in humor or gloom. Holding “first thought best thought” as principle, poems can be flow of thought, experiential, playful and knotted.

          Recently, stories are being polished up and newly presented. From a very personal view, times in history and moments in the future are examined as part of a psychotic paradigm that borrows from science, from religion and culture, but with the reader finding his own interpretation. There are new ways to phrase and interpret old questions and to imagine where current spirits may lead, but the language is new and the consequence untold. These stories can generate new conversations we need to deepen the meaning of our generation, using language as a complex adaptive system that will always evolve.


Quest of the Water Time           2011                    
          Fifty eight poems in this anthology span forty years of writing. The dates of the writings are shown, in keeping with the importance of time in the work. Grouped in six books, each has a theme; and six original color images accompany the text. The topics are wide ranging; from concrete to blank verse, from song lyric to haiku, of nature, or of machine: this is a world where science and magic become interchangeable; where formality of language is stretched and reformed to create new and authentic meaning. In a world of slogan, let us disassemble language and rebuild it anew.
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         Sanctuary    as PDF & EPUB
          Against a White Picket Fence     as PDF & EPUB
          the woodsman    as PDF & EPUB


the Black              about a night in the rain   PDF or EPUB
Lighthouse Ranch          about a commune     PDF or EPUB
Monday                a possible future    PDF or EPUB