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NEW art
These images are new to the site. From abstract expressionist, to more traditional “en plein air”, maybe elements of cubism? Or a cartoon of social comment, all feature aspects of landscape and giving a sense of place. Gallery here.

NEW music
“digital delay in D”  This piece was recorded April 4, 1994 at 6 a.m. on brother's Fender Stratocaster with a digital delay pedal. The low E was tuned to D. It was improvised on the mood of an early morning in solitude. Length: 12 minutes.

NEW story
“Time Will Tell”  A story of an end of a city state; one where religion is extremely formalized, and where superstition supersedes aspiration. Fear becomes the language of a culture, and appeasement is the remedy.
“Time Will Tell” is offered free of charge, so that all may access it. Click here to download.
It is recommended that for those who can pay, for those who appreciate the premise of the story, a $3 donation be conferred to the author. Paypal makes it easy! Go to the “Contact” page and contribute to the conversation. Support can only add!