example graphic As a boy, Clive tinkered on his mother's upright piano occasionally, in passing. In high school, he studied drumming, sitting at his kit to play along with albums. In 1986, he afforded a new Yamaha DX-27 keyboard, but without training, it remained a hobby.

                   Often, Clive would improvise melodies and complex rhythms but these were experimental. He began making recordings, multi-tracking with cassette decks. For a time, there was a drum machine, then a 4 track cassette recorder and various guitars. Currently, the studio has the DX-27, an Ovation Celebrity guitar and a Tascam 8 track recording studio. From that wealth of material, these CD's are offered.

                   This unschooled approach offers a novelty which finds, perhaps, a jewel of phrasing, or a thoughtful resolution, and finding melody as one develops the intonations of the spoken word. The product results from having fun, even though the songs may yet remain as sketches.


sanctuary cd cover Sanctuary (2015) - 11 tracks
The most recent outing continues the process with some very simple ideas, or others richly built. The CD presents an overall feeling, soft but challenging. The title track: “Sanctuary” laments the eventual fate of all machines, always in need of repair.    

Sample: “ Sanctuary “    

Lyrics: PDFor EPUB

the Cull “A” & “B” are taken from 30 years of recording in the home studio, in its' various incarnations.

a story cd cover

the Cull A (2020) - 19 tracks
“A” has music in the pop song idiom, all original except “all too much”, which borrows heavily from the Beatles.

Sample: “ all too much“                       

a story cd cover

the Cull B (2020) - 9 tracks
“B” presents a more experimental exploration of modern sound, plus 2 longer piano pieces on a DX27 keyboard.

Sample: “ Jumping Up & Down“    

               CD's may be ordered at $15 each plus shipping to US or Canada.

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