example graphic As a boy, Clive tinkered on his mother's upright piano occasionally, in passing. In high school, he studied drumming, sitting at his kit to play along with albums. In 1986, he afforded a new DX-27 keyboard, but without training, it remained a hobby.

                   Often, Clive would improvise melodies and complex rhythms but these were experimental. He began making recordings, multi-tracking with cassette decks. For a time, there was a drum machine, then a 4 track cassette recorder, various guitars, and now a digital 8 track home studio. From that wealth of material, these CD's are offered.

                   This unschooled approach offers a novelty which finds, perhaps, a jewel of phrasing, or a thoughtful resolution, and finding melody as one develops the intonations of the spoken word. The product results from having fun, even though the songs may yet remain as sketches.

a story cd cover

a Story (2003) - 17 tracks
With songs about childhood ranging from political satire to fond remembrance, this early work is an exploration of the pop song idiom concept album. Lyric sheet included.

Sample: “ the wooden lamb “    

time cd cover time (2013) - 13 tracks
The first with the new 8 track studio, the music was described as “post modern”, largely improvised, the songs are built by layers and capture a moment, or an evening. Lyrics feature a story about a typewriter, and a reference to Faust, by Goethe, in Walpurgis Night.

Sample: “ Walpurgis Night ”    

sanctuary cd cover Sanctuary (2015) - 11 tracks
The most recent outing continues the process with some very simple ideas, or others richly built. The CD presents an overall feeling, soft but challenging. The title track: “Sanctuary” laments the eventual fate of all machines, always in need of repair.    

Sample: “ Sanctuary “    

                   CD's may be ordered at $15 each plus shipping to US or Canada.

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