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where the proprietor provides images, stories, poems, music and more!

The website presents the work of Clive Beal that includes landscape painted in oil en plein air, music described as “post modern”, and story about a dark future, or a doubtful salvation.

The book: ”Quest of the Water Time” is a collection of poem that ranges from greeting card sentiments, to themes of war, from song lyric, to those of love. Some paintings are fantasy and allegory, or experimental, while more recently the focus has been on landscape. These are available for purchase. Stories will appear from time to time, drawn from experience, or as fantasy, or a mixture of both. There are also CDs of original music produced in a home studio. Inventive, fun, complex, the music offered is unusual and unschooled.

Each page has a different focus. Feel free to browse the site. Pass it on to a friend.